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Showing up on the highway to MY danger zone!

Moment of real talk right now...I am simultaneously thrilled and terrified to launch this business. Yes! You read that right. This glimmer of a dream, turned passion project and now turned business has taken me through these emotions more times than I can count. Doing something new can be both life giving and terrifying to the point of wanting to turn back, run in the opposite direction so fast that your comfort zone didn't even know you had left!

Can I get an AMEN from any one who has felt this emotion before!

I have learned to call this space of the back and forth my DANGER ZONE. Why do I call it that? Well, this is a space where you can feel your vision, you can speak life to the future you want and hold dear, you even start to live this life you have dreamt of. However, you can also feel self doubt or procrastination of what is hard, messy, or quite honestly not fun begin to wrap you up in a blanket and send you right back to where you started.

Why am I sharing this with you? Because right now I am in this dance of the danger zone. I share this for the hope that even if one other beautiful soul out there reads this and thinks "Yes! I feel you sister!" then I am honored to share in this community with you.

Now where was I? Oh, right...showing up on the highway to my danger zone. I choose to show up in the danger zone and move forward towards balance and beauty. Whether this is for my business, my relationships, my family, or something else, the danger zone has taught me invaluable lessons I will always keep learning from. This is a choice to pursue the best version of myself daily while giving myself large healthy doses of grace through the process.

The reason I even wanted to begin this business-building process was to cultivate a community of women who can relate to this!

A place where we can come together to learn and support one another on our journey to finding a more balanced and beautiful life. Let's be real and authentic in how we show up, starting right now. Let me fill you in on how this has been going for me.