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Here Goes Nothing! Living Boldly in Vulnerability

Well 2020 you've been a wild ride so far. Without a doubt a year that we will ALL learn from and read about for generations to come. So maybe you are asking yourself: "Why is another blog style community coming out amidst the sea of online content already out there?" Let me fill you in...

There is a need for community to be born from the world turning upside down that brings together business owners, authors, entrepreneurs, local celebrities, your local boss momma, or you name it!

Welcome to The Balanced Beautiful Body, a community dedicated to showcasing the grit and determination it takes to find balance and beauty in our lives, businesses, families and more.

This all started one day, deep into quarantine, when grabbing a cup of coffee to catch up, network, or just flat out relax at a coffee shop or cafe was no longer an option.

Having a 20 minute conversation that is candid, honest, and authentic, was no longer an easy task under these new circumstances.

I have always LOVED being able to have the freedom to go anywhere to have human connection with a friend, coworker, a fellow (dare I say it) #bossbabe, entrepreneur, author, you name it! As soon as this and many other small daily moments of connection seemed stripped away, I decided

"I am going to change this!"

Launching on October 1st, The Balanced Beautiful Body will be a community dedicated to YOU. This is for the inner hustler you have within you, the vulnerable side we all long to embrace, the networking queen your business craves, your inner Oprah who reminds you "YOU get a voice, and YOU get a voice, and we ALL get a voice!", the "This Girl is On Fire" theme song to your life and ultimately the strength of a balanced and beautiful community body!

Join me in breaking down the inauthentic and tapping into your inner self. We will be connecting with others in our community through visual, audio, and in person community connection opportunities each week.

More to come soon, but for now be sure to join our email list for all the latest opportunities, events, and news you wont want to miss out on!

Cheers to the beginning of something greater for us all: The Balanced Beautiful Body!

Love Always,


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